We are pleased to announce that riff v0.1.1 on Knative is now available. Thanks, everyone for contributing.


If you are using the latest riff on Knative for demos, you might find it useful to do a quick uninstall without zapping your whole cluster and cached images.

# remove everything including istio without prompting 
riff system uninstall --istio --force

Istio will remain installed if you omit --istio.

Command function invoker

With this release the command invoker is back in business. This invoker accepts HTTP requests and invokes a command for each request. For example, let’s try a simple shell script


xargs echo -n hello

Create the function using the riff CLI. This assumes that you are running riff with image push credentials to DockerHub with YOUR-DOCKER-ID.

riff function create command hello \
  --git-repo https://github.com/markfisher/riff-sample-hello.git \
  --artifact hello.sh \
  --image YOUR-DOCKER-ID/demo-command-hello

Once the function has been built, you should be able to run it using

riff service invoke hello -- -w '\n' -d stranger

The output should look something like this:

curl -H 'Host: hello.default.example.com' -w '\n' -d stranger
hello stranger